My Doodle Babies


Prewitt's 2 Year Guarantee


48 Hour Guarantee

Seller agrees to replace the puppy (if another one is available) or refund the cost of the puppy if a licensed veterinarian judges it to be in a non-healthy condition.  The examination must be within 48 hours of receiving puppy. If the sale is on a weekend, the sale will be considered to begin at 10 AM Monday.  The puppy must be returned to the seller unharmed.  No veterinarian fees or transportation costs will be paid. Great care has been exercised to ensure the puppy is free of parasites, worms or coccidia.  Since these are very common in puppies, the guarantee does not cover these easily treatable conditions. 

                                             2 Year Guarantee

HEALTH GUARANTEE AGAINST GENETIC DEFECTS THAT MAKE THE PUPPY UNSUITABLE FOR A "FAMILY PET":  Buyer understands that the following slight genetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening and therefore are not covered: umbilical hernia, inquinal hernia, cherry eye, undescended testicle, under bite or over bite, grade1 or 2 patellas. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs incurred for a replacement puppy in the case of a genetic defect or Buyer may choose to keep puppy and accept all responsibilities. Seller is not responsible for shipping costs.

 Injury beyond seller’s control is not guaranteed. Should death occur, BUYER will provide SELLER with a veterinarian statement stating the cause of death, to be examined by SELLER’S veterinarian. If justifiable by both vets, SELLER will then provide a replacement puppy if available and if not a refund of puppy price. BUYER may choose to keep the puppy and accept all responsibilities. The $300 SHIPPING FEE IS NON- REFUNDABLE.


 BUYER is required to keep puppy on a shot program. Boosters need to be given by the age of 16 weeks. SELLER will send shot record with puppy informing new owners of the immunizations given. BUYER must take puppy to the vet by 16 weeks, or as close to that age as possible to maintain the shot requirements. SELLER recommends that the puppy is wormed every month for the first year of life.

 This written agreement is a binding contract in the State of Missouri and is the entire agreement between the buyer and seller concerning the health conditions or loss of this puppy. Any litigation commenced shall take place in the state of Missouri in Barry County.